Let’s open the door to your success
in the US

At MK Tax, we’re dedicated to helping Israeli high tech companies like yours with your US tax filings and tax-dependent obligations – as you land and expand in the United States.

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Our Primary Services

When you land

  • Company Setup
  • EIN Application
  • Full support in establishing bank accounts, payroll and state licenses
  • Guidance on Immediate Tax Obligations

As you expand

  • Federal & State Income Tax Filings
  • State Registration Compliance
  • Sales Tax – Nexus & Taxability Analysis
  • Complete Sales Tax Compliance

Planning for exit

  • Full support on Due Diligence
  • Options Exercise Compliance
  • Strategic Tax Advisory Services
  • Transitioning to new entity

Guiding you with your tax obligations as you land and expand in the US

Whether you’re hiring US employees, seeking funding from US entities, expanding into the US, or completing a merger or acquisition, at MK Tax, we’re at your side.

Yes, we prepare your ongoing filing requirements. But we also help you understand your obligations and your options, guiding you through even the most complicated tax challenges.

So you can move forward with the most tax-efficient solutions and grow with total peace of mind.


Helping you meet today’s goals while planning for tomorrow.

The best way to grow is by setting the right foundations. And that’s what we do at MK Tax. We guide you in making the right decisions as early as possible to save you headaches and pitfalls further down the track.

By your side, we’re here to support you at every stage of your growth journey. From meeting deadlines and staying compliant with your tax obligations to tax saving strategies. All while providing full support on audits by tax authorities or due diligence processes.



Experts in US tax. Firmly rooted in Israel.

Here’s why over 200 Israeli hi-tech companies choose MK Tax as their partner.

Decades of experience

We have deep experience with the US tax system and in working with Israeli startups and companies.

Meaning we know what issues you’re facing and what lies ahead of you – and we know how to properly manage them.

Shared values

Israeli business culture, especially Israeli startup culture, is unique. And as fellow Israelis, we get it.

We understand your needs for smart thinking, specificity, honesty – and speed.


At MK Tax, we'll get to know you, your team and your business goals. We truly value our working relationship with you.

You'll feel like a valued customer with prompt replies to calls and emails, all the time.



Let’s drive your company forward.

Grow your business with complete confidence and peace of mind – with MK Tax’s premier-level guidance.