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Your partner in growth.

Our mission is to help Israeli tech startups 
and mid-stage companies grow and expand – into the US, and within the US – by managing their tax and business compliance.
Here’s how we do exactly that.

We’ve got your back every step of the way

In addition to guiding you in making the smartest, most tax-efficient choices, we also take the practical burden off your shoulders.

This means we keep on top of all the moving parts – to ensure no detail gets missed and no unexpected issues crop up later.

So that your growth is as smooth as possible.

Here’s what it means to be the premier tax firm for Israeli companies expanding into the United States

A holistic approach

At MK Tax, we do more than bring up a list of issues for you to handle.

We first take a deep dive into your business, operations, and long-term goals – and with the bigger picture in mind, we introduce you to the best solutions. And then we implement them for you.


Making space for peace 
of mind

As a busy CFO or controller, peace of mind is a far-off dream. But MK tax is here to give that to you.

We are always at your side to take care of all your tax and compliance problems, either by eliminating them in advance or by dealing with them immediately, so you get the headspace to focus on what matters most.


Breaking down the complex into the practical

With MK Tax, you won’t get a migraine-inducing assessment that leaves you with a 97-page document of things to fix.

We’ll break things down for you into small, easily achievable steps so we can tackle each issue one by one. Plus we’ll give you the clarity to understand which solutions are the best for you, and what practical steps you need to take.


Your premier US tax
consulting partner.

See how we make US taxes and compliance a calm, confident experience for our clients.

From complex
to down-to-earth

You don’t get a headache-inducing assessment or laundry list of issues to tackle. Instead, we break things down for you into manageable pieces and guide you through every tiny detail.


We get to know your business and look at the big picture from Day One.  You can rely on us to ensure things are done right now so you avoid obstacles to growth in the future.


We’re fully committed to ensuring your obligations are taken care of, on time.  So you can sleep easily knowing that you won’t be held up with tax or business compliance issues at crucial junctures.

We’re by your side all year long. Not just in times of urgency

All inclusive mainentance fee

We’re here to help you with anything and everything you need. And we want you to feel comfortable calling us at any time to get questions answered, or simply for advice – without feeling like you have to watch the clock.


One point of contact

Enjoy communicating with one dedicated account manager who knows exactly where you are at all times. So you can let go of all the moving parts and let us keep track of what you need to do and when you need to do it.


Prompt responses always

Even if we can’t answer you right away, we’ll tell you when we will. We’ll always get back to your missed calls and will always reply to your emails. And we’ll always let you know when we need something from you, with plenty of notice.



Let’s drive your company forward.

Grow your business with complete confidence and peace of mind – with MK Tax’s premier-level guidance.