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Advocating for your best interests at every stage of your growth

At MK Tax, we support you with practical help for where you are – here and now – while guiding you to make smart choices that will save you precious time and resources in your future.

How it
all began

Since arriving in Israel in the year 2000, Miriam Konstam worked with various US based clients at a high-level accounting firm in Israel.

But as the high-tech industry developed, in her day-to-day work, she saw that local tech startups continuously faced a unique set of challenges.

So, with the insights she gained in watching their struggles, she invested a great deal of time and energy in developing an approach to directly meet their specific needs.


I realized that as US accountants located in Israel, we are uniquely positioned to take the burden of US tax navigation off their shoulders.”

By giving these fast-moving companies guided support on an ongoing basis, she could ensure that their filings and compliance would always be impeccable.

This way, they would be 100% prepared for anything their company would face in the future. From audits through to due diligence – without the usual stress and overwhelm.

Miriam Konstam felt that she could best deliver this unique approach to clients by running her own firm. And so she left her position and MK Tax was born.

MK Tax is flourishing as a boutique tax firm with a robust team of 20 employees and more than 200 satisfied clients.

Yet each and every client feels like they’re a truly valued customer.


American-style service, just 27 minutes from Tel-Aviv

Working with US-based tax firms comes with frustrating time differences, culture clashes, and inevitable misunderstandings. But at MK Tax, we understand both worlds.

From our Jerusalem offices, we provide American expertise and American-grade professional customer service. Along with a deep understanding of the Israeli mentality and your needs as an agile startup.

Inside MK Tax


Meet our core Management Team

Deena Jablon

Senior Manager

Deena Jablon has been managing MK Tax’s innovative tax solutions since its founding. She oversees the intricate tax needs of Israeli startups, opening the doors for their incredible tech to reach US markets without allowing any tax matters to fall between the cracks.

Deena graduated from Touro College with a Bachelors’ degree in accounting and has worked as an accountant for over 20 years – most of her time in corporate tax – first in the US and then in Israel, before joining MK Tax in 2017.

She loves solving challenging puzzles to give people clear answers to confounding problems.

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Rivka Mor

Operations Manager

Rivka Mor directs all operations at MK Tax, including overseeing workflows, maximizing time and resources, and – her all-time favorite challenge – meeting deadlines.

Before joining MK Tax, Rivka managed operations in several companies for over a decade, including an Israeli tech company and an American real estate company. She enjoys playing a role in the positive yet still uber-professional environment that is MK Tax.

She is excited about delivering high-level work for MK Tax’s clients and advancing her career without compromising her work/life balance.

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Ruby Toledano

Junior Manager

Ruby Toledano has over ten years of accounting experience and has been working at MK Tax since 2017. She started as a tax associate and quickly grew into her role as Junior Manager – with her passion for confronting the demanding challenges presented by U.S. taxes.

Ruby, an American who grew up in Israel, has a unique understanding of our clients’ Israeli mentality and loves helping them in their mother tongue – Hebrew!

She believes that taxes carry much weight in business decisions and enjoys giving clients VIP service (superseding Israeli standards) to find the best solutions and help them grow.

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Our Values

Privileged to serve awe-inspiring clients

Our company looks at serving the ‘Start-Up Nation’ on US corporate tax matters as a contribution to this tiny, incredible country we call home. Living in Israel, we deeply appreciate our people’s warmth, vibrancy, and resilience.

Whenever the going gets tough, we draw on inspiration from you, our clientele, who have taught us that “survive & thrive” is our middle name in Israel. The opportunity to be involved in your unbelievable success makes it all worthwhile.

Cultivating an appreciation culture

At MK Tax, an interesting thing happens once every month. The entire office sits down to a delicious lunch, and Miriam Konstam, the CEO, goes around the table to each of her staff members and shares something outstanding about that person’s contribution that month.

Miriam says, “I look out for every person’s strengths and note them throughout the month. We don’t take anyone or anything for granted.” Talk about good accounting!

Empowering women to succeed

At MK Tax we consider it a privilege and honor to create professional opportunities for women to advance their careers. By leveraging their American backgrounds, or knowledge and experience of US tax and Israeli tax, while raising their families in our nation’s home.